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Contact Improvisation

Contacting the Soul

Contact Improvisation for me has been like riding the vanguard of human development. So here we stand at what may be one of the edges of human expansion, stretching the envelope that contains us.

Contact Improvisation is not just another dance technique or discipline. It is a forum for discovering who we are beneath our skins. It is a place where our self concept is questioned. Who am I? What is the shape of my fear? To what degree am I present? What particular trance am I in at this moment? What dialog is running through my mind? What ghosts gnaw at my soul? I stand so naked on this dance floor, I cannot stop from being witnessed in all levels of who I am.

To be off balance. To loose control for that split second. To be plucked out of the air by a sure hand. To have that hand miss. To land on my sure hands. To land on hands that are not so sure. To come to the edge of my envelope .

I ask why?, and why not? When we question what comprises our reality, we are about to push the boundaries of our awareness. We are now on the "Heroic Journey". This journey is heroic because we may die, not once but many times. In the house of mirrors where we reflect on ourselves. We see ourselves standing before us. This particular body, our profession, the good parent, the athlete, the charming smile, the twinkle in the eye, our higher learning credentials. The body will disintegrate. The rest is intangible. When we reach out to touch our hand passes through. It is only a concept we call self.

If we are to construct an evolved self, some of the premises we call ourselves have to be discarded. We cannot avoid dying, and in dying we are reborn. Perhaps less encumbered by ghosts. Maybe more present for the next dance.

Ken Martini, Sept. 6, 1996

Ken Martini Contact Improvisation

I thought that I could think my way out of here. I tried finding a boundary where life begins or ends to no avail. I tried finding a reason for life. I came up empty. Life just is.

There is no answer to the mystery of life, it is a mystery. Like an ocean surging, swirling, folding in on itself; contained in a vast pool, always moving but going nowhere.

I surrender; I can’t find the reason for existence. So I swirl, I shake, I move forward and back with the rhythms of life. This is all I can do. Would you like to join me?

Ken Martini

Matter has a propensity to coalesce into coherent forms despite the scientific fact of entropy. The only explanation I have for this is love.

Ken Martini