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Bay Area Dance & Movement Teachers

Ken Martini:
My love of dance and music has propelled me to share that which has so enriched my life. Seeing others empowered in their movement brings tremendous joy for me. Contact Improvisation over the last 15 years has been my primary dance discipline. I have been teaching Contact Improvisation for eight years and am currently developing the "Nurturedance" movement form
. Nurturedance
Denise Martini:
My teaching is inspired by my studies in Continuum Movement and Contact Improvisation. I have privately practiced Massage Therapy for 11 years and I am s a certified Hakomi Therapist. I am deeply interested in how participating with ones "inner" world affects ones "outer" movement. Prior to entering the world of Somatic practices I trained as a performing dancer in New York and was a performance artist for six years.

Intrinsic Movement
Lisa Alpine:
I have been teaching dance as a healing art form for twelve years. My workshop programs are always evolving, reflecting my own exploration into the infinite possibilities of movement. Along with leading group dance workshops taught at my Dance Weaver studio in Marin County and around the world, my specialty is working one-on-one with my clients in private sessions. To view the full calendar and descriptions of workshops, read about my philosophy and receive a free Journey Into Movement newsletter, visit:

Olivia Corson:
M.A. Expressive Arts, B.F.A. Dance, is a spirited and inspiring SF Bay Area movement theater artist. A pioneering somatic educator, she has developed the Body Tales® work for more than 20 years, infusing it with passion for the earth and for the movement and stories that renew and sustain us.Cor son teaches and performs extensively, and over the last decade has led Body Tales retreats well off the beaten track in the U.S., Mexico, and Costa Rica

Keith Hennesy:
Hennessy is a Canadian-born, interdisciplinary artist and citizen living in community in San Francisco. He has won numerous awards and commissions for choreography, performance and organizing. Keith is artistic director of CIRCO ZERO and was a founding member of the internationally acclaimed, performance collaboratives, CAHIN-CAHA, cirque bâtard, CORE and CONTRABAND. Hennessy¹s solo performance has been produced throughout the US and beyond. From 1991-2002 Keith co-directed 848 Community Space, a thriving urban gallery & performance space. He is on the MFA faculty at Goddard College, and has been teaching unique hybrids of performance, improvisation, and public ritual for 20 years.
Melinda Deamon:
Melinda is the premier instructor on the Dance Alive staff, having trained extensively with creator and founder, Mariane Karou and is very excited to be bringing Dance Alive to the Bay area. She embodies the Dance Alive Method and guides students into the discovery of themselves through movement, breath and sound. She is a soothing, inspiring and nurturing guide into and out of the depths of the human body. Melinda also offers Private Sessions in Movement, Breath and Sound, Sensation Awareness, Tracking and Unwinding, and Fluid Bodywork. She is a uniquely qualified teacher and guide who encourages each student to listen within and discover the truth inside of themselves.


Ernie Adams:
Ernie is a dancer with over twenty years experience teaching Contact Improvisation. As a young modern dancer in 1973, he was drawn to Contact Improvisation because of its unpredictable, free flowing, and playful nature. The presence and awareness required of the dancing inspired him to explore improvisation as a discipline for self-development as well as performance art. It offered a place where theater, community and life could merge. These experiences became the foundation for his performing, teaching and touring in the USA and Europe, with Mangrove (1977-81) and Umbrella for the Performing Arts (1982-86). His work has been deeply influenced by Anna Halprin, Bonnie Cohen (Body-Mind Centering), Joan Skinner (Releasing Technique), and Moshe Feldenkrais. He has been a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner®, since 1993, specializing in movement re-education for persons with physical and neurological injuries and working with dancers to enhance their performance ability. He has a private practice in the Berkeley/Albany area. He is currently offering Balance, Vision & the Fear of Falling and Easy Walking workshops and collaborating with Terry Sendgraff combining Contact Improvisation & Aerial Dance.
Brenton Cheng:
Brenton is a teacher, director, and performer of improvised and choreographed work, who has been actively teaching contact improvisation and related improvisational performance skills since 1995. He teaches on-going contact improvisation classes in San Francisco and gives workshops each year in various regions of France, as well as throughout Europe, Russia, and Taiwan. The disciplined practice of improvisation is at the heart of his work, and he draws other inspirations from release technique, the martial arts, New Dance, bodywork, Laban/Bartenieff, and acrobatics.
Scott Wells:
"Scott Wells has a dizzying abundance of pure dance making ability" SF EXAMINER. Scott directs a company in San Francisco and teaches contact improvisation and contemporary technique. His current workshops include Wrestling with Affection, Fluid Acrobatics and Unstrictly Ballroom (intuitive ballroom). In 2004 he has taught in Ankara, Turkey, and will teach at the Festival of Interactive Physics in Toronto, at Impulstanz in Vienna, for the Summer Dance Festival in San Francisco and has received a commission to work with skateboarders and breakdancers in Budapest.